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Business Insurance

Auto Services Insurance

Expensive equipment, an extensive inventory of parts, responsibility for other people’s cars—you face some pretty unique risks as the owner of an auto repair shop.

Breweries, Wineries, Distilleries Insurance

You face some pretty unique risks operating a winery, brewery or distillery. That’s why ABC’s coverage is designed to help with a special mix of policies, endorsements and services that your business really needs.


Business Insurance

You've worked hard to build and grow your business. We can help you help keep it safe. 

Business Auto Insurance

Your vehicles take you, your employees and your products where they need to be. And your business probably couldn’t function without them, which makes having commercial auto coverage you can truly count on essential.

Contractors Insurance

From property damage that covers tools to contractor liability insurance, ABC offers a special mix of policies, endorsements and services which gives your business the protection it really needs.

Landlord & Property Owners Insurance

As a property owner in the rental market, you skillfully manage many responsibilities — building maintenance, bookkeeping, tenants and more. Which is why ABC offers a variety of policies and endorsements to help protect your property.

Manufacturers Insurance

Machinery, products, employees—there are a lot of moving parts when you’re a manufacturer. With manufacturers insurance from ABC, you can rest easy knowing you have the coverage to bounce back quickly after a setback.

Offices & Professional Services Insurance

As a professional and a small business owner, you balance two very different roles: delivering services that your customers have come to count on while also managing all the logistics of running a small business. You have unique opportunities—as well as unique risks due to the many hats you wear each day.

Restaurant Insurance

Hot flames, employees rushing around, the threat of food contamination—you face some pretty unique risks as a restaurant owner. We at ABC Insurance Group Inc. understand this, which is why we created a special mix of policies, endorsements and services your business really needs.

Retailers Insurance

Your store is a reflection of your skills, talents and passions. You worked hard to make it a reality. The right business insurance matters. Let us help you protect it. 

Risk Control Services

As a business owner, you expect your insurance to be there when things go wrong. But what if your insurance company was also there to help you take action to reduce risks in the first place with access to safety resources and risk control consultants? With ABC insurance Group Insurance, that’s what you can expect.

Veterinarians & Pet Care Insurance

As a veterinarian and pet care provider you’ve got your hands full helping pets and their people, let ABC make sure your business is protected.

Wholesaler-Distributors Insurance

As a wholesaler-distributor, you play a critical role in your customers’ supply chain. They—and many others— are counting on you. We’re guessing “downtime” is not in your vocabulary.

Workers' Compensation

You depend on your employees to help you run your business. If one of your employees gets hurt on the job, your business could suffer. With a workers’ compensation policy from ABC Insurance, we’ll be there when you need us. 

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